Safety & Risk Management for Employers
Smartphone distraction is the hidden factor behind accidents on the road, construction site, and shop floor. A paper policy is not enough. You need an App on the phone to measure and drive safe behavior.
Mobile Time Tracking & Attendance
EngageMode includes a mobile, GPS-enabled time & attendance tracker. Employees install and use the App because that’s how they clock in and out. Then you can enjoy the safety, productivity and compliance benefits of having the App on every smartphone
Engagement & Safety for Students
Smartphone distraction measurably reduces test scores and student achievement. And smartphone distraction on the road is the biggest threat to student safety. With EngageMode, parents get the data to monitor smartphone habits, so your teachers can focus on teaching.

Taming the Smartphone

EngageMode is an App that helps organizations get the benefits of smartphones, without the risks to safety, productivity and engagement.  We take a positive, gamified approach to gain employee and student buy-in.  Smartphones are here – we can help you tame them.

About EngageMode
EngageMode is an App and web portal from Extracon Science LLC, a leading provider of employee wellness programs and apps.


Since 2007, we’ve been delivering results for employers – including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, service industries, finance, agriculture, and Fortune 500 clients.


We engage employees with fun, gamified programs while protecting their privacy.


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