EngageMode is an App that changes
your employee’s smartphone
from a distraction machine to an
engagement machine.


And a web portal with tools and reports for managers and HR.
EngageMode Features
An App Employees Want to Use
Employees earn points for using EngageMode at work, and keeping their smartphone use under control. It's a fun and gamified approach, much like employee wellness. Some employers offer rewards for participation.
Tools for Managers
EngageMode gives managers the tools they need to solve smartphone distraction. Managers need tools to motivate employees and measure success.
Value for Employers
Company-wide reports show how your employees' smartphone use goes down with EngageMode. HR can calculate an ROI based on the hours of productivity saved.
How it Works
Read Our Ebooks

These in-depth eBooks give you the facts, research and strategy behind our cutting-edge EngageMode solution.

How Big a Problem is Employee Smartphone Use?
How to stop Smartphone distraction while keeping employees happy.
The 5 Myths of Smartphone Distraction
About EngageMode
EngageMode is an App and web portal from Extracon Science LLC, a leading provider of employee wellness programs and apps.


Since 2007, we’ve been delivering results for employers – including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, service industries, finance, agriculture, and Fortune 500 clients.


We engage employees with fun, gamified programs while protecting their privacy.


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