Track Employee Driving Safety
EngageMode tracks distracted driving and smartphone use while driving. It also tracks speeding, hard braking and aggressive driving. Driver scores and fleet scores give you the data to improve safety.
Worksite & Equipment Safety
​​EngageMode can detect smartphone use while operating equipment like a forklift, crane or excavator. And in safety-critical areas like the shop floor, production area or hard-hat area. You’ll have the tools and data to prevent accidents. ​
Engagement & Productivity
EngageMode can block distracting apps and websites while employees are at work. EngageMode also tracks screen time, so you can be sure employees’ phone use is reasonable and job-appropriate.

Solutions for every phone

If you want to keep your employees safe and productive, you have to solve distraction on every phone that comes into your worksite and company vehicles.   That includes employer-issued phones, phones that are part of a BYOD or reimbursement program, and employee personal phones.

Our solutions can be tailored to each phone type, meeting employees’ needs for privacy, control of their own devices, functionality and battery life.   You’ll have the right answers to questions from your employees, managers and leadership.   If you follow our plan, your employees will be happy to run EngageMode on every device they bring into work.  

About EngageMode
EngageMode is an App and web portal from Extracon Science LLC, a leading provider of employee wellness programs and apps.


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