Worksite & Equipment Safety

Smartphones and Equipment Safety

It’s not safe for employees to use their phone while they are operating equipment – from a forklift to a crane to an excavator.   Whether it’s a work phone or a personal phone.  EngageMode can detect smartphone use when the employee is in the driver’s seat, and gives you the data to prevent accidents. 

No Phone Zones

Are there areas in your construction site or facility where it’s not safe to use the smartphone?  Often it’s the shop floor, production area or hard hat area.   EngageMode can detect smartphone use in your No Phone Zones, and give you the data to help employees change their habits for both work phones and personal phones. 

How it works
Operating Equipment
Are your employees texting or using the smartphone while operating equipment like a forklift or excavator? Just like distracted driving, it’s a common cause of accidents and injuries. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
Block Distraction
EngageMode can be set to block distracting apps and websites while employees are on the clock. Making the phone less distracting is your key to a safer workplace, fewer mistakes and happier customers.
Reasonable Phone Use
EngageMode tracks screen time while employees are on the clock. You’ll have the data to make sure employees are using their phones in accordance with your policies.
No Phone Zones
Do you have areas of your facility, construction site or worksite where phones are not supposed to be used? EngageMode can track smartphone use based on these locations, even indoors. You’ll have the data to drive safe behavior – without putting metal detectors at the entrance to the shop floor.

Solutions for every phone

If you want to keep your employees safe and productive, you have to solve distraction on every phone that comes into your worksite and company vehicles.   That includes employer-issued phones, phones that are part of a BYOD or reimbursement program, and employee personal phones.   

Our solutions can be tailored to each phone type, meeting employees’ needs for privacy, control of their own devices, functionality and battery life.   You’ll have the right answers to questions from your employees, managers and leadership.   If you follow our plan, your employees will be happy to run EngageMode on every device they bring into work.

We Make It Easy

We know you’re busy.  So we can assist with updating your smartphone policy, writing communications, answering questions from employees, training employees onsite or virtually, and providing support for employees and managers after the rollout.   

We can monitor the EngageMode safety data for your organization, and provide communications and coaching to the employees who are identified as a safety risk.   We can work with your existing safety programs and vendors.  

Keeping it Positive
Keeping the Good
You can’t just put smartphones in a locker – they’re too useful. It’s a great way to clock in. Managers and employees call and text each other to solve problems. GPS Navigation is vital. Employees want to be reachable for emergencies. EngageMode lets you keep the good, and eliminate the bad.
Reward Good Behavior
EngageMode gives you the data to reward good safety behaviors, every day. So instead of asking managers to find and punish bad behavior, you can automatically measure and reward good behavior through the App. That’s how you get employee buy-in and change the culture.
Protecting Employee Privacy
EngageMode is designed to protect employee privacy. It’s only tracking when they are “on the clock”. It doesn’t block important calls or texts. It doesn’t track the content of text messages or phone calls. It’s compliant with laws and regulations on how employees can be tracked while at work.


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